Dimensions: 8'L x 8'W x 8'H

Full Carnival Red and White stripe carnival booths with side rails, rear wall and covered top.

This Champagne Lady will add the touch you need to spruce up your event. She will roam around and have Champagne at your disposal.

Commercial Chocolate Fountain Almost silent operation. Good for small or large parties or accent fountain. Holds up to 9 lbs. of chocolate. Runs on 6 lbs. of chocolate. Stainless steel constructio...

This is a beautiful cart that adds more ambiance to your event. Machine rented separately

Battery powered, multi- color cotton candy glow cones. A great way to re-purpose the way you eat cotton candy.

Tastes as good now as it did when you were a little kid.

Choose from strawberry Daiquiri Margarita Cherry Blue Raspberry and Root Beer.

Ahhh! Can you smell those funnel cakes? Just the thought of it makes your mouth water. What more can you ask for? Oil, batter and powder sugar... Batter/Mix sold separately

Dimensions: 5'l x 3'w x 3'h

Charcoal Grill will entertain a lot of guests with this large grill. Cook dozens of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, steak or any meat of vegetable you wish. Plenty of grilling space.

A great show piece to add to the Hot Dog Warmer. Includes the umbrella too!

The unit can hold up to 28 regular size hot dogs. Don't forget to add the hot dog cart.

Makes six delicious stick waffles (LollyWaffles). Adjustable temperature with timer. Cooks six LollyWaffles in approximately 4 minutes. Add a chocolate Fountain to this delicious treat to dip in.

MMMMM! The crunch and dip of the hot cheese on your chips. Hot Nacho Cheese and Chips are a great add-on to any concession for your next event.

Get your fresh hot popcorn. With butter or without.

Dimensions: 18"W x 18"L x 24"H

The pretzel display does just that. Once you microwave the pretzels for 45 seconds, you can hang your pretzels in the display rack

This machine can cook and heat pretzels. The unit can hold between 60-75 pretzels.

Remember Pixxy Sticks? The price includes unlimited 6" tubes per hourly rental. Try these delicious flavors,sour apple, grape, watermelon, wold cherry, blue raspberry, lime and more.

This table top version is smaller but offers more flavors to choose from!

This is a beautiful cart that adds more ambiance to your event. The cart has room for up to 90lbs of ice with a holding time of 10hours - 2 days. Machine rented separately

On a nice hot day there's nothing like some flavored ice to cool you down.


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