Dimensions: 4'D x 5'W x 4'H

What is better then playing Blackjack? Playing LED Blackjack. Take your next casino event to the another level with our LED Blackjack Tables. Choose from dozens of colors and patterns.

Dimensions: 12'L x 4'W x 4'H

Add some new ambiance to your casino night with our light up casino equipment. 16 colors to choose from. "Roll them bones! in LED We have a variety of craps tables to suit your needs. If you are ...

Dimensions: 4'D x 8'W

A new way to enhance your gaming experience. LED Roulette is a great new way to have a casino event. Dozens of colors and patterns to choose from.

Dimensions: 4'D x 8'W

Lighten up your next casino event with an LED Texas Holdem Casino Poker Table. A new way to enhance your gaming experience. Dozens of colors to choose from.

Battery powered, multi- color cotton candy glow cones. A great way to re-purpose the way you eat cotton candy.

Dimensions: 8'L x 4'W x 6-8'H

Cruisin' Blast is the newest and latest driving game with all new courses to practice and race against. Single driving game and can link 2 or more of them together. Order 2 of them for more competi...

Dimensions: 2'D x 6'W x 4'H

Remember the light bright toys you had growing up? You know, the small hand held peg board with glow in the dark pegs? Now you can rent, The ILLUMINATION STATION!! Picture your old light bright b...

Dimensions: 29'10"L x 9'7"W x 24'6"H

Our Klime Wallz will challenge and excite climbers in ways that traditional climbing walls can't. Offering three (3) challenges is a sure way to inspire repeat climbs and ensure that your clients o...

Dimensions: 3'D x 8'W x 4'H

Add this bar to light up your event. An LED Glow Bar is the new thing to have at your next party. Dozens of colors and partterns to choose from

Dimensions: 87"L x 46"W x 31"H

LED Air Ride has been improved with new and modern LED light up play field and legs features. Our LED Air Hockey Table is perfect for all locations. One Piece Slide Rail Eliminates the Goal Bars ...

Dimensions: 7' L x 4' W x 3' H

Who loved to play pool? What better way to play pool but lit up in LED. LED and LED equipment is the newest concept to have your favorite games all lit up. Put a spin on your next event and

Dimensions: 4'L x 4"W x 31"H

LED Checkers

Dimensions: 4'L x 4"W x 31"H

LED Chess. The giant chess and checkers game parts are made of durable plastic that will not break when you drop them on the floor.

Dimensions: 3'D x 8'W

Dozens of colors to choose from

LED Cocktail Chair with foot rest. A perfect additional when rented with our LED cocktail tables.

LED Cocktail Chair with foot rest bar. A perfect additional with our LED cocktail tables.

Enjoy this beautiful LED Cocktail Table at your next event to make for an elegant evening. Many patterns and colors to choose from

It has been called many things, Corn Toss, Bean Bag, Bean Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Indiana Horseshoes, but to many of us born and raised in Kentucky and the southern part of Ohio, the game is passion...

Dimensions: 5'L x 4'W x 4'H

Don't just play Foosball... play LED Foosball. Play Foosball morning, noon and night with out LED glow Foosball Table. With 2 to 6 players per game.

Dimensions: 3'D x 8'W x 4'H

LED Glow Bar. Customized names or logo's available. Spruce up your stand bar to offer a more visual effect. Enjoy this beautiful LED Glow Bar at your next event to make for an elegant event. Many p...


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